The PRAEL Anti-Aging Ritual

The heart of the PRAEL care ritual is our precious serum with Active Collagen. When it comes into contact with the warmth of our moist skin, the living biological collagen breaks down into molecules that penetrate deep into the skin stimulating the formation process of collagen fibres, which effectively slows intracellular aging of the skin. The secret to our Active Marine Collagen is a unique technology that preserves the natural structure of protein outside of its organic environment. Since active collagen is denatured when it is stored at temperatures above 25 C, our serums should be stored in the refrigerator.

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    Wet the face thoroughly with water or our extremely light, water-based PRAEL Flash Moisture Mist.

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    Apply the serum suitable for your skin type to moist skin. By gently massaging in a few drops of cool collagen gel, the heat in contact with water will initiate collagen decomposition reaction into single amino acids. Amino acids stimulate deep regeneration, and the active ingredients in the serum smooth and moisturize the skin.

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    When your skin feels lightly taught, it is time to apply a moisturizing cream. The cream acts on the surface of the skin, restoring its proper lipid balance, limiting the formation of harmful free radicals and supporting proper skin protection mechanisms and restoring the desired firmness.

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PRAEL is an exclusive skincare line based on Active Marine Collagen, which supports regeneration of collagen in deep skin’s layers, slowing down the process of its aging.

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