Active Marine Collagen

Active Marine Collagen has been known in cosmetology for over 40 years. It is widely considered to be one of the most effective natural ingredients able to stop the age-related loss of collagen and the resulting aging of the skin.

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However, due to its bioactive properties, it is a great challenge for cosmetologists when developing new cosmetic products, as its preparation is extremely difficult and storage requires rigorous compliance with
a constant temperature below 25 degrees Celsius.

This is why most cosmetics rely on a dry form of collagen, which can be easily stored and transported. Unfortunately, the effects of this form on the skin is much weaker.

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What distinguishes PRAEL from other collagen products?

PRAEL contains Active Marine Collagen in its purest form, derived from the most valuable sources of collagen containing the highest number of hydroxyproline units per cubic millimetre. The most expensive natural collagen is odourless and colourless, and remains thermally stable.

The effectiveness of Active Marine Collagen comes from its unique triple helix construction, which most closely resembles human collagen. When it comes into contact with human body temperature and water, the chains of Active Marine Collagen break down into short oligopeptides containing extremely valuable amino acids. These unique amino acids send a signal to your own collagen fibres to regenerate.

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In order to preserve the unique properties of Active Marine Collagen, it is necessary to store PRAEL serum at a temperature below 25C. Above this temperature, Active Marine Collagen denatures and loses its regenerative properties.

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It took our experts four years to perfect the technology that allowed us to prepare Active Marine Collagen in the form of a serum. The thermo-stability of Active Marine Collagen has been secured with unique packaging that we developed in cooperation with an Italian factory which produces some of the world’s most exclusive brands. We developed bottles that are capable of preserving the bioactivity of collagen. To preserve the low temperature of the product, the bottles are constructed from a special type of glass, characterized by exceptional thickness and zero transparency, completely blocking all light access to the product.

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Today, our exclusive line of PRAEL cosmetics consists of 4 types of serum suitable for various skin types, day and night cream as well as cleansing products and cream with UV mineral filters.

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