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The press meeting was held in the beautiful interiors of the Złota 44 building, during which we presented to the journalists an innovative line of luxury skincare PRAEL with Active Marine Collagen.

PRAEL is an exclusive line of anti-ageing skincare with Active Marine Collagen, which increases the skin’s ability to naturally produce collagen, restores its youthful density and elasticity.

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The collagen used for the production of the PRAEL serum comes from the group of the most valuable collagens retaining the natural triple helix structure and contains the highest number of hydroxyproline units per cubic millimeter. It is thermally stable and odourless.

The benefits of active Marine Collagen and other active ingredients were presented by Dr. Marzena Lorkowska-Precht, an expert in the field of anti-aging medicine.

The effectiveness of Active Marine Collagen is conditioned by the special way of cold production process, which allows to remain collagen’s unique triple helix structure, which is the closest to human’s skin collagen. During the interaction with the human body temperature and contact with water, the chains of Active Marine Collagen disintegrate into short oligopeptides containing amino acids, causing the reaction of overproduction of own collagen fibers of the skin.

— - says Dr. Marzena Lorkowska-Precht, a doctor of aesthetic medicine, specialist in anti-aging medicine.

We are planning further press meetings in Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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